Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going Ninja

So I'm sitting here on the couch with my littlest sleeping on me and I am STARVING! Hubby is working on taxes and I can't speak loud enough for him to hear me anyway.  
But it got me thinking. ..what did I eat today?
Breakfast, a donut as I met my sister in law this morning for a quick chat and joyfully hand over Mason for the day.  He loves auntie!
Lunch, guacamole with chips,  and 1/2 a brownie(Ty who had a half day ate the rest of my lunch).
Dinner, lent dinner at Church.   Mason doesn't stay in one place very long so we eat and run...literally.  A couple pieces of bread, 3 lemon squares, and a totally uneatible gluten free cookie (that I made) was it.  This is all my fault as there was delicious food there I'm just a pickie eater.

So based on the description above,  it's no wonder I'm starving.   Note to self: more protein less sugar.  Got it!

Excuse me while I stealthfully try to remove myself from the couch, while I go ninja trying to arrange pillows around the Mason so he stays asleep and I stop chewing on my arm.  ; 0)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Sunday tradition

Every Sunday evening with gather together on the couch to watch AFV.

Happy Sunday! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Trying Something New

Every now and then we have a week where it pours.  A week when each kid is struggling with something different and as a mom I spend countless morning pondering how I can support my kiddos through these tough times.
 This week was full of bus issues, poor attitudes,  test results,  xrays, evaluations, and tears.
But with those trial came some answers, some questions,  and trying something new.
For one Mason will be starting chiropractic care, massage, and some outside sensory help.  I'm so excited about the prospect of Mason having some much needed relief.
For my middle kiddo we will be doing an exploratory test to answer some medical questions.  
For Ty he learned how to effectively use the word "whatever" this week.  That can be such a powerful tool.  
Here's praying this weekend holds some family fun and some much needed rest.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let it Go

It's hard to have 3 child, a hubby, a job, and keep up with a blog.  I will try to do better.  ; 0 )
Mason loves music and he is in love with the song "let it go" right now like everyone else is.   We have watched a ton of silly versions but his favorite is the movie clip.
I have a cute video I'd love to show you but blogger won't let it load.  So staying with the theme. ..  I'm letting it go.
Here's a cute picture of him in Grampy boots.  It amazes me just how far he walked in these heavy things, he struggled but kept going.
I know the binkie is pink, yes he's a boy, only binkie Walgreen sold.  Any port in a storm right?!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Family Love Weekend 2014

So this was our annual weekend with a little twist.  I had surgery on Friday and underestimated how much pain I would be in.
We still had yummy breakfasts and some fun games, but it just wasn't the same.
I guess Mamma really does set the tone of the house.
So we'll have a re-do in a couple weeks when we travel to NY to go to Legoland discovery center (the boys Christmas gift).
Although we were disappointed that we couldn't have as much fun as usual...There were a couple highlights:
Cool whip pies are always fun

Dylan's basketball game

I have a cute video of Mason eating a cracker but it won't load. So take my word for it. was cute.
That's it. So you'll have to wait for the Family Love weekend do-over.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let it snow

We had a lot of snow today.   My first stay home snow day of the year.
Mason slept till 8am with Steve. So I started a fire and set off the smoke alarm all before 7am.  Your house gets smokey if you don't open the flume...just so you know.  
I made french Toast for breakfast and strawberry pound cake for dessert.  The boys played, watched movies, and challenged each other to a fierce match up of video game football.   Steve worked and I played cruise director for the 2 year old.
I didn't really get much accomplished (well a couple loads of laundry did find there way into washer but) it was just a day -until...
We found ourselves in a pick up game of monkey -in -the- middle using a whoopee cushion as a ball.  We had so much fun our cheeks hurt from laughing.   Every one was involved in one way or another:
Steve and I started as the "throwers"
Tyler played interference (didn't know that was a position in monkey-in -the -middle did you?)
Dylan was the "monkey"
And Mason "supported" the monkey by doing parlor tricks.  Mason has learned to somersault and this offered plenty of opportunity for Dylan to dodge and weave while trying to catch the "ball".  D will thank me later when he is as agile as a cat, its like spring training :0)
But what was truly the best was the organic way it came together and the fun we had doing "nothing".
Happy snow day!!
We stayed in our pj's all day!!

The dog kept stealing my heat from the fire.  She is awfully cute though. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

clean the dust off

My mom asked me today if I gave up my blog...
No, I was just feeling like all I was doing was complaining so I felt like a break was needed.
I think when the 2's hit finding joy becomes something intentional you need to do.   Its so easy to fall into the always, never, is this truly the life I signed up for trap.  But then there is a kind friend, a restful night, and a great verse and  everything seems so easy possible again.  

So here is our update:
Christmas was great, except for a hospital trip and some puking.  Long story
New years eve was fun...but more puking.
January has begun basketball for Dylan. Although football is still his love.
Ty is doing 12th grade vocabulary in school to "challenge" himself.  It's hard to help your 6th grader study when you have no idea if his answers are right (or even how to to pronounce the words).
And Mas...oh Mas, he will begin speech with birth to three.  Sleeping is still an experiment, and he loves to cook.  He wants to be there stirring with me.   It's really too cute.  
Steve will begin tax season soon. I will see him in April ; 0)
Me...I'm enjoying cooking meals in my new kitchen with a real dishwasher.   So nice..

See there is joy, just have to clean the dust off to find it.