Monday, February 23, 2015


This has been a week of sickness, such a week of testing.   And if we are going to be technical 8 days of icky.

It started on our last day of Family Love Weekend  (but more on that in another post). Dylan woke up and promptly threw up...all over the bathroom floor.   To state the positives, I much prefer children puking on tile floor as opposed to carpeted, thank you very much.  Slight problem, I  didn't turn on the light when I entered to help him and slide on the tile floor...eww.
Grossness aside.  Poor D was sick a good 3 days.
Now remembrance my hubby is an accountant will tell you just what an awful time of year this is to get sick.  During these last 2 weeks of February, there are now sick days and sometimes no weekends.  So when Mason spiked a fever Friday night, I thought "oh just a little  cold, no biggie". But it soon became clear overnight that this wasn't a simple cold.  A 3 year old doesn't think before he pukes, just saying.
Hubby woke from a horrible night sleep feeling just as awful as Mason but he had to pull it together to work a full 8 hours for the 6th day this week.  He works so hard for us.
But poor Mas can't seem to shake the upper respiratory infection and stomach bug combo.  I have been puked on for 3 straight days.  And when it happened today, I just started to laugh,  Cuz really by the 3rd sweatshirt change of the day, there isn't much left to do.
So with 3 down and 2 more to go, we wait.  Tyler came home from confirmation class tonight lightheaded and nauseous, so we prepare for another icky night.  As the Mama I am usually last to get it.  I am praying maybe it will bypass me this time but I know that may just be wishful thinking.

So if you are the praying kind I would love and appreciate all the prayers my kiddos can get.  It is so hard watching them be sick but the snuggles are great!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Glasses for Mason

So my cute littlest must be going through a growth spurt or something because this kid has a serious case of the whines lately.

His preschool teacher noticed when he tries to really focus on something he closes one eye.  Which wasn't a total surprise as Mason has glasses he refuses to wear.  I diligently made an eye doctor appointment.

Our eye doctor appointments seem to take forever and they usually dilate his eyes when I least expect it.  This part is torture for me.  Drops that sting go into the eyes first.  Then they send you back to the waiting room to wait at least 30 minutes before they call you back in to check.   This is a really rough time for Mason who by nature isn't good at waiting.

Some humorous points while we waited today:
*he made friends with people in the waiting room.
*he groped me while saying "hi baby" to my stomach  (I'm not pregnant )
*he then said "hi food baby" to my belly,, not so funny to me but other enjoyed.
*while whining about wanting to go home  he adds, "I'm going to call China"  totally random.

I was so glad when we were finally done.  We quickly went to look for glasses with a sales person who sounded like a used car salesman.   We picked quickly, took an even quicker photo to show daddy (that's why it is blurry), and we were out of there. A whopping 2 hours after the appointment started.

The blessing in all of this is hopefully these glasses will feel better to Mas so he can truly see the beauty in God's world around him.  And two, we don't have to go for another 6 months.   Yay!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

I don't know about you but I LOVE Christmas morning.   It's one of the best gifts I receive all year.
To start let me just say that "gifts " is my Love Language (if you don't know what I'm talking about totally Google it. You will be glad you did ) as is time a close second.   This holiday celebrates the birth of my Savior and gives me both of my Love Languages in one.
Such a fan day. We start off with Grandparents over at 6:30 am to open presents.   This year it was like holding back wild animals to keep the kids upstairs till everyone else was settled.  My favorite moment of this was when Mason realized what "it's Christmas morning " really meant.  He gave this great surprised faced and started to run downstairs.   We of course had to stop him as it wasn't time yet but it had us all rolling.  
Next came Santa gifts.   We do one Santa present which is unwrapped and set by the tree. All of the kids had one special gift they wanted.  A Lego set, a Yankees set, and a gi-tar.  Now for those of you who don't speak Masoniese that is guitar.  He has asked, and asked, and asked for a gi-tar for a month now, and this morning his dreams came true.
Jamin with Grampy 
He held on and played all day.  We were serinaded with Jesus loves me, and Twinkle twinkle little star and many more.  The older boys enjoyed playing it too.  

Then it was a quick nap for Daddy and Mason then off to Auntie 's house for round 2 of gifts,  some of the best food ever, and heavenly desserts.   I have some very talented family when it comes to the food department.  

Uncle Peter to hand out the gifts.
Everyone comes home over stimulated and exhausted BUT totally loving their family.  We are now all vegging out on the couches around the house, decompressing in our own way. Our little one asked to go to bed at 6:45 which tells you a lot.  

I'm giving you the very pretty version of our day.  As with any other day there were hiccups of hitting, disappointments, and tears but I'm kinda a "look at the world with rose color glasses" person so let's focus on the niceties.  

I pray your Christmas was Merry and your blessings overflow.  With Love from our family to yours .

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Early Friday morning

So I'm ready for my annual black Friday shopping trip with my bestie.  We have had a sick baby for the last 4 days and she is pregnant so we forego the 4:30 am usual start time for a much more manageable 6am.  Only problem.   I've been up since about 1:30 am.
Mason slept so much better last night,  so it would only go without saying that I should have too, right?!
My brain woke up about midnight thinking it was 5am.  Hubby quickly shared it was only midnight so off to sleep I went again...I woke up again.  Surely it is 5am NOW. Nope only 1:30 am.tried and tried to go back to sleep.  There are so many nights I wish the clock would just freeze so I could enjoy more sleep.  Today was that night that it felt as time was standing still and I would look over at the clock and see 2:12, 2:42, 3:10.  Ok if I'm still up by 4am I'll get up.  As I laid there my mind processed  how great Thanksgiving was minus the sick kiddo.  How much fun the train will be tonight  (we are headed with a whole lot of family  to a train ride with Santa ); How much work I have to do at work; I wonder how so and so's trip is going; why am I stressed it's only 3am, I should pray about that, etc, etc, etc.   4:01 came and I got up and took a fabulous warm shower, once the furnace woke up.
So here I am now...all ready to go.  An hour and a half early. :0/
So I got to thinking of all the reasons I love this time of year.  Family,  traditions, cookies, presents,  love.  I get to feel the love this time of year that I know is always there it is just on display now.
Let the Christmas Prep begin!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Hurahh

Two out of our three started school last week.   Our middle starts Tuesday.  So we thought a last "summer feeling" type trip was in order.  Just so happens my hubby's work paid for our trip as a "thank you" for the many weekends he had to work this summer.
We chose Great Wolf Lodge.  The place is huge and has so much to do.  But the best part was the chance to just have fun as a family.   No real pressure to accomplish much just fun.
Mason loved the Littles area to play,  splash,  and enjoy the small slides.
D our thrill seeker.  Loved the rope course and water slide that drops you straight down (like on wipe out).
Tyler loved the wave pool and Magic quest which is a wand based scavenger hunt through the buildings with interactive screens and chests.  Actually D loved this too and the brothers enjoyed solving the quests together.
Hubby and I loved watch them have fun and relax.  We also enjoyed the water slides and getting the children wet.
I did forget the camera so we have minimal pictures but I'm sure these memories will last.
Happy back to school everyone.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

haircut gone bad

So I don't cut hair.  I buzz the boys hair but that's it.  So when our youngest ( who has baby fine hair) begged me to buzz his like his brothers I caved. Now normally a friend of our gives him a little trim now and then, but never have I seen so much scalp on his head.

I most admit from the first buzz I regretted our decision. I love Mason's hair, but as the day goes on I've grown less teary about it.
So without further a do.....
Mason the preschooler.  (Really this was the best I could do.)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Family day

Mason's 2nd anniversary of his adoption day came and went.  There was no cake, no gifts,  and dare I say...No Facebook post.  We did make mention of it in our house. We did look at the certificate the judge gave us, but there wasn't much fanfare.
I spent the next day wondering if I was wrong. Was I being a neglectful mom.
I haven't answered that question yet but as I pondered it I came up with other questions.
My bio kids get "gotcha day", "family day", and their birthday all rolled into one big day. Does it mean less?
We have never taken a real stance on how we were going to celebrate these days. To me "gotcha day" in October is far more exciting.   The adoption day was when Connecticut made it official,  but it was real and binding on that very first day that started it all.
The day we got the call that asked did we want to have our life book shown is more remembered.   The feelings of hope and worry, longing, wonder, and ultimately of peace that in His timing it would all work.
There have been so many days in between that have shaped our family to what it is.  I guess it's just best if we celebrate them all.  
So I guess I've answered my own question...thanks for reading through my rambled thoughts to get there!

I would love to hear how others celebrate their days!