Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Family day

Mason's 2nd anniversary of his adoption day came and went.  There was no cake, no gifts,  and dare I say...No Facebook post.  We did make mention of it in our house. We did look at the certificate the judge gave us, but there wasn't much fanfare.
I spent the next day wondering if I was wrong. Was I being a neglectful mom.
I haven't answered that question yet but as I pondered it I came up with other questions.
My bio kids get "gotcha day", "family day", and their birthday all rolled into one big day. Does it mean less?
We have never taken a real stance on how we were going to celebrate these days. To me "gotcha day" in October is far more exciting.   The adoption day was when Connecticut made it official,  but it was real and binding on that very first day that started it all.
The day we got the call that asked did we want to have our life book shown is more remembered.   The feelings of hope and worry, longing, wonder, and ultimately of peace that in His timing it would all work.
There have been so many days in between that have shaped our family to what it is.  I guess it's just best if we celebrate them all.  
So I guess I've answered my own question...thanks for reading through my rambled thoughts to get there!

I would love to hear how others celebrate their days!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Its the end of the school year here and What a year this has been. It's been a growth year for all of us.
I took on a position I wasn't sure I wanted but now can't imagine it any other way.
Hubby took a job that turn out to be nothing but a headache but his determination and strength to see this job through is an inspiration.
Tyler tried a new school this year and totally loves it.
Dylan has worked hard and is becoming a inspiring athlete.
And last but certainly not least is Mason,  who is growing by leaps and bounds daily.  Although we still seem to be figuring each other out he is learning and so are we.  I'm excited for this summer as we have begun to understand we can do anything with him if we "practice" first. There are a couple of things the books are right about. ..
1. Routine routine routine: Mason is much less aggressive when he knows what is coming next. Which is sometimes hard at 2 in the afternoon when everyone else is doing their own thing,  but we will adjust.
2. Rules have to be rules ALWAYS: as in no matter what.  No opening the door of the oven even when it's off, it becomes a habit that could turn dangerous.
Now a couple of things the books are wrong about:
1. Man does this boy like touch. He loves snuggles and initiates snuggles more than anyone else.   We are praying this helps us through the teenage years.
2. He is "learning"...even sometimes through cause and effect.   Mas has learned (after using Qui Gung massage) that banging his head against something hard...hurts.  This is a new concept to him and he is now very gently placing his head against a wall when he's mad ; 0)

We know that God is so very good and can heal everything if it is his will.  As long a we keep our patience so will our boys.  So this summer I pray for patience. ..lots and lots and lots of patience, And sunshine,  and laughs, and peace, and watermelon,  and love, and fun,'s a good thing the Lord doesn't mind my long prayers.
Happy summer everyone!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mother's day...better late then never, right!

I woke up this morning to crashing and banging signifying someone was making me breakfast.   To my surprise Tyler walks in with scrambled eggs,  and an English muffin with cream cheese.  He say "bacon is on its way"...which made me nervous but I say "yum. Thanks. This looks great! "

I was so impressed with my boys today. D comes right in this morning with a cheery "happy Mother's day" and "oh can I give you my gift now?"
What a delight!  He brings out at decorated brown lunch bag that was hiding under his bed for a couple days.   It is a plant in a paper cup that he proudly exclaims is a "creepy willow"  which gives us all a good laugh.
Tyler has help his brothers make me a card and a massage gift certificate...ooooooo
Then time for Tyler's home made coupon gift.
I will definitely be using these soon.
 I love the effort this year!!! Felt so blessed!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4 eyed cuteness

Baby boy got glasses today.   As they were being fitted the man and I joke that we will soon be on a first name bases with how often we will have to visit to adjust them.
We have talked with what seems like all the professional and have a game plan on how to help him get adjusted to them and how to keep them from getting broken in the first week.
Rule #1: no glasses in the car
As you can tell I broke rule #1 because he just loved them so much he didn't want to take them off just yet.  
Next favorite part was opening and shutting the case. Which he shut on my finger about a dozen times and  thought that was the funniest thing ever!

We kept them off until he was ready to watch his show and then tried again. This time they didn't come off as often and he pretty much left them alone.  Progress!!

These next couple of weeks will be a little tense trying to adjust but we survived day one!

And learned...its a good thing he's cute!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going Ninja

So I'm sitting here on the couch with my littlest sleeping on me and I am STARVING! Hubby is working on taxes and I can't speak loud enough for him to hear me anyway.  
But it got me thinking. ..what did I eat today?
Breakfast, a donut as I met my sister in law this morning for a quick chat and joyfully hand over Mason for the day.  He loves auntie!
Lunch, guacamole with chips,  and 1/2 a brownie(Ty who had a half day ate the rest of my lunch).
Dinner, lent dinner at Church.   Mason doesn't stay in one place very long so we eat and run...literally.  A couple pieces of bread, 3 lemon squares, and a totally uneatible gluten free cookie (that I made) was it.  This is all my fault as there was delicious food there I'm just a pickie eater.

So based on the description above,  it's no wonder I'm starving.   Note to self: more protein less sugar.  Got it!

Excuse me while I stealthfully try to remove myself from the couch, while I go ninja trying to arrange pillows around the Mason so he stays asleep and I stop chewing on my arm.  ; 0)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Sunday tradition

Every Sunday evening with gather together on the couch to watch AFV.

Happy Sunday! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Trying Something New

Every now and then we have a week where it pours.  A week when each kid is struggling with something different and as a mom I spend countless morning pondering how I can support my kiddos through these tough times.
 This week was full of bus issues, poor attitudes,  test results,  xrays, evaluations, and tears.
But with those trial came some answers, some questions,  and trying something new.
For one Mason will be starting chiropractic care, massage, and some outside sensory help.  I'm so excited about the prospect of Mason having some much needed relief.
For my middle kiddo we will be doing an exploratory test to answer some medical questions.  
For Ty he learned how to effectively use the word "whatever" this week.  That can be such a powerful tool.  
Here's praying this weekend holds some family fun and some much needed rest.